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May 13, 2009

So I’ve decided…

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This will officially be my last post for this blog. As of today, https://shoboink.wordpress.com is now closed. Thank you for dropping by. 😀

Bye everybody.


Thoughts: On Moving Back

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I dunno if I’m about to let go of the wordpress blog, but I’ve already set-up a blogspot account to take seriously. So that’s from Blogger to WordPress and back to Blogger. I’m confused, ain’t I? So yeah, I moved.. AGAIN. But that’s not the only move I’m thinking about.

I’m thinking if I can move back with my brother and cousins. I’m sure they’ll let me, but I’m not sure the things I accumulated while I was living in San Juan would fit into the house anymore.

Moving on, Obi and I watched Star Trek last weekend. I wrote an entry about it. It’s not that long, but it’s still quite a long post to copy and paste here. So why don’t you just drop by the other site and read from there. Thanks.

I don’t have much followers here, but I sure am going to miss the interface.

April 26, 2009

Let’s Talk Movies: Up coming – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Last Friday was a weird and laid back day for everybody at the office. We arrived at the office with no power, so we were told to just wait until the power comes back up.

We all went out to hang out someplace outside the office. By around lunchtime, we were all called back because the power was back up. Unfortunately, the Internet didn’t go back on so we didn’t have much to do.

Good news was that one of my officemates had a copy of the leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. We propped it up on the big screen computer and watched it with all the office lights turned off. Felt kinda like watching in a movie house.

So, anyway, news that the leaked version was incomplete is totally untrue. It was complete, up to the end credits, just that the editing for the special effects weren’t finished yet.

The comic geek in the group explained that it was different from the actual Wolverine origin story. But when I watched it with friends outside the office, they said that part of if came from the alternate origin storyline for Wolverine.

The leaked copy was really a rough copy, you’ll still be able to see harness cables, unpolished green screen background insertion, and the 3D graphics are still in grey.

Let’s talk about the cast.

  • Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas is in the movie playing John Wraith, a mutant with the ability to teleport.
  • Agent Zero was played by Korean actor, Henry Kim. He played the doctor/boyfriend of the main actor’s ex-girlfriend in the original Kim Sam Soon tv series.
  • Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool. To most of my comic geek friends’ dismay, the movie’s take on Deadpool was rather far from the comic book character.
  • Weapon XI, who we all thought was Deadpool after he got experimented on and injected with other mutant abilities was actually played by a different actor, Scott Adkins.
  • Kevin Durand plays The Blob, who, in the movie, started out as someone normal-sized, and ended up putting on weight and looking like a blob.
  • Dominic Monaghan (Lost, LoTR) plays Bolt, a mutant with the ability to power electrical devices with his mind. I really can’t take his role as Merry from LoTR off my mind. Haha.
  • Taylor Kitsch (Covenant) played Gambit in the movie. For me, it’s just not as Gambit enough as what I’ve grown up watching in The Uncanny X-Men. Not as suave, and not as rugged-looking. But I guess that’s his take on Gambit.

Aside from these characters, Scott Summers and Emma Frost make an appearance in the movie. But I guess because Scott’s eyes were covered with a patch, they never really saw each other, so it’s not a problem that they didn’t notice each other when Logan got into Xavier’s School for the Gifted.

Emma frost was… errr.. just… fail! She was trying to protect other mutants from being hit by bullets by turning her skin to diamonds and blocking the bullets, but all she ended up looking like was a retard dancing “the robot”. Ugh!

Professor X made a brief appearance at the end of the movie. However, one question comes to mind though. Why was he standing up outside the helicopter that came to fetch the mutants from Striker’s hidden lab? He couldn’t walk, right?

Of course Hugh Jackmann plays Wolverine in the movie. I don’t think they’ll be getting someone else. Hehehe. But what really got me hooked was Sabertooth.

Liev Schreiber played the hero/anti-hero Sabertooth. The prosthetics fangs and facial (if the sideburns were fake) hair were great, not to mention his take on the rage-filled Sabertooth was flawless.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, we did watch the bootleg copy, but we’re still planning to see the movie version of the movie. It would be fun to see what the actual effects would look like after they’re done. I wouldn’t really mind spending on the movie again.

How about you? Have you seen the leaked copy? Do you plan to watch the movie when it releases on May 1st? Let’s talk.

Photos obtained from mania.com. More photos on the movie’s page in mania.com. For more information about the cast and crew of the movie, visit the X-Men Origins: Wolverine imdb page.

April 24, 2009

Let’s Talk Movies: Crank 2

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Last Wednesday was the usual date night with the boyfriend. We were planning on getting a cheap burger dinner to eat during the movie, then go home and watch Paul Blart on the computer. Sounded like a solid plan to me.

So after I clocked out from the office (Thank God!), we went to check out the schedule. Bought food from the nearest McDonald’s, then headed back to the ticket booth for our tickets. To give something back to him after having him pay for everything on our last couple of dates, I paid for the tickets to Crank 2: High Voltage.

Now, admittedly, Obi and I haven’t seen the first Crank movie, so we didn’t really know if there were going to be any references to the first movie that we won’t be able to catch on. But we just though we’d watch it this weekend, anyway.

Back to the movie. The opening credits were hilarious. Like a video game playing in a movie screen. Haha. Looking back at the movie, it does feel like a 2-hour long video game. Haha.

I might talk too much without thinking, so I warn you: Ahead maybe some spoilers about the movie’s story, so if you haven’t seen it and plan to, stop here.

This movie was laced with too many WTF moments that I’d have to agree with what Tom Brazelton of The Theater Hopper said about the film. It should’ve been titled WTF: The Movie. Hahaha.

Let’s enumerate the weird things that’ll leave you wondering if such a thing was ever possible, shall we?

  • Chev Chelios falls hundreds (if not thousands) of feet from a flying helicopter, lands on a car, and bounces off the ground, and still lives.
  • A goonie actually shovels him off the ground like a gum stuck on a marble tile.
  • They were planning to harvest Chev’s weiner. Is it possible to transplant a wang?
  • They immediately decided Chev’s heart was the chosen one without even so much as testing for histo-compatibility.
  • Chev had no scars on his body after his accident.
  • And he didn’t develop muscle atrophy from being immobile and unconscious for 3 months. He was immediately able to fight upon regaining consciousness.
  • When he gets juiced with really strong jolts of electricity (from a car, a electrical box, etc.) he starts running and moving superfast.
  • He kept electrocuting himself without actually burning the body parts he stuck to live current.
  • Strippers wore electric tape Xs over their nipples when they dance. (Like what Dolphy does when he exposes his chest in his old movies)
  • Bai Ling was in the movie (that alone merited a WTF, not to mention her acting)
  • Full body tourettes stop when one is fighting an enemy
  • Chev and Eve (his girlfriend) were allowed to have sex on the race track and were only hosed off the track after they had finished.
  • They can keep a severed head alive for more than 3 months.
  • Chev Chelios’ heart is so powerful, it can make a 100-year old David Carradine act like he never got arthritis over the years (too bad it didn’t do much to make him look younger)
  • In his last attempt to juice himself up with electricity, he climbed up an electrical pole (I can’t believe he was still able to find the energy to do that)
  • He burned himself in that last jolt, but was still able to fight the bad guy off and kill him.
  • He burned Bai Ling to death just by hugging her.
  • The burning effects sucks!
  • Chev was able to open his eyes even while his face was burning.

See what I mean? WTF, right?

But there again, there were more than a couple of cameos in this movie. One was Chester Bennington, to whom Chev Chelios first attempted to get static electricity from. Then there was Jenna Haze (yes, the porn star) who was spotted in the movie as one of the porn stars rallying and blocking Chev’s car. Lastly, we have Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine who was the person that spotted Chev charging himself from a some phone device. Haha.

Wanna hear something funny? When I checked out Crank 2’s imdb page, I saw Geri Halliwell’s name come up as Karen Chelios. I didn’t notice her in the movie. I swear.

Well, the movie ended as I had expected it. Chev Chelios… is alive.. burnt face and all. Haha.

I dunno. But I’d say, if you’re looking for a movie that combines the elements of comedy, action, and WTF, Crank 2: High Voltage is surely the movie for you.

Have you seen it? What do you think of the movie? Let’s talk.

April 22, 2009

Let’s Talk Games: Up coming Beatles Rock Band Game

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I want to have that game!!!

So here I was looking for random news on the Internet to post on Twitter, then I found that there’s was going to be a Beatles Rock Band game to be released soon. Read more about it here.

Funny thing is, Paul McCartney confirmed it in his website.

Gawd!! Wish I had the money to buy this. It’d sure be a nice experience to play to the music of my idols.

According to this YouTube video, the game’s going to be released on Sept. 09, 2009. That’s like 5 months away. I can’t even say I can save enough to actually buy one. I guess I’ll just convince the boyfriend to get one, and then we can play it at his place. w00t!!!

April 16, 2009

Let’s Talk About: The Social Media Sites I Belong To

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I believe I am a member of a lot of social networking sites.

  • Friendster
  • Multiply
  • Plurk
  • Twitter
  • Hi5
  • Gaiaonline

When we move over to blogs, I think I’m a member of the following:

  • Tabulas (2 accounts)
  • Livejournal
  • Xanga (i think my account got deactivated)
  • Blogspot
  • Vox
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress

I signed up for a lot of music streaming sites, too.

  • Blip.fm
  • Last.fm
  • Imeem
  • Jango

I remember I have an account in YouTube, too.

Email accounts, how many do I have?

  • 3 (at least) Yahoo! IDs I think 3 accounts have been deactivated due to inactivity, 1 account I forgot the password.
  • 1 hotmail account that has been deactivated
  • 3 (at least) Gmail IDs, 2 of which are active and being used.

Let’s move right on to forums, I have accounts in:

  • Pulpcommunity
  • PhilMusic
  • Musikko
  • Zedge(?)
  • Gendou
  • Crunchyroll

That’s a total of 27 sites that I am a member of. Or at least those are the only ones I can remember. How about you?

Thoughts: On Twitter – Tweet Me Up, Scottie!

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Twitter, according to my friend, Martin, beats Plurk hands down when in comes to microblogging. I’d beg to differ but it’d be pointless because he’s right. Although Plurk’s social networking function does work, using it as a microblogging platform doesn’t really cut it for most people.

Tweeting is fun. I, for one, have experienced sharing a short conversation with some of the webcomics artists whose works I enjoy reading. I follow Tom Brazelton of The Theater Hopper, Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies, and Ryan Sohmer, the writer of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group.

But the biggest treat I came across on Twitter was Jeph Jacques, creator of Questionable Content. Imagine my surprise when I found that Faye, Marten, Dora, Penelope, Hannelore, Sven, Raven, and Pintsize (characters from the webcomic) all had Twitter accounts of their own. I am so in love with that comic strip that I followed all their Twitter accounts.  Haha. Talk about being a fangirl. Pintsize is sick! Haha. He thinks like my friends.

But yeah, I’ve got a Twitter flooder for a boss, some IRL friends who rarely post stuff on Twitter, and favorite webcomic creators on my list. My Twitter feed is pretty much full. Haha. Too bad I can’t find Gordon McAlpin of Multiplex here on Twitter, though.

Do you use Twitter? How are you finding it so far?

April 15, 2009

Let’s Talk Movies: Fast and Furious

Okay, so everybody has heard of the 4th and final installment to The Fast and the Furious movies, right? Anybody else watched it?

Well, having a boyfriend who likes cars and all kinda means that you have to watch these things.But I guess that’s not the reason why I watched it. I have to admit, I’ve seen the first two movies even before I met my boyfriend, and I loved them, even though a lot of critics say that the movie lacks acting.

But you gotta agree with me when I say that what it lacks in great acting, it compensated with great cars, car chase scenes, and really great looking cast. You’ve got Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, and Vin Diesel. Hawt!

I’m going to talk a little about the movie now, so those who plan to watch it but haven’t yet, SPOILER ALERT!

The fourth movie explained how Vin Diesel’s character knew the Japanese dude, Han, from Tokyo Drift. The movie is a sort of prequel to Tokyo Drift. Too bad, Michelle Rodriguez’ character had to die early on in the movie. Jordana Brewster’s character was kinda lame and she could’ve been out of the movie and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Why don’t we just talk about the cast?

michelle rodriguezMichelle Rodriguez is still hot as ever with those flaming lips of hers. Back in the movie as Dom Toretto’s girlfriend, Letty, she looks a little worn out, but she’s beautiful just the same. She’s obviously my girl crush. Haha.

From the first movie to this last installment, her character exuded a toughness and ruggedness that seemed natural to her, I just love her. Haha.

I just noticed, though, that she doesn’t seem to get any girly-girly acting parts. She’s always tomboyish (e.g. Girl Boxer, Resident Evil, Blue Crush, Bloodrayne, The Fast and the Furious)… talk about typecasting. Haha.

paul walkerPaul Walker comes back to the movie as FBI agent Brian O’Conner. He didn’t look like he aged one bit. A little bit scruffier, but he still has this boyish appeal. Obi says that he’s too boyish to be taken seriously as an FBI agent. Who cares? He’s hot. Haha.

Okay, so I went to iMdb to see what other projects our handsome guy here has been in and I saw that he appeared in an episode of Charles in Charge. Hahah. Funny, I used to watch that show a lot. Silly of me to admit this, but when I was a little girl, I used to have the biggest crush on Scott Baio. Haha. 😛 What? He was cute.

vin dieselVin Diesel’s body is massive. Scary massive. Back in the movie as Dominic Toretto, his character sets out to find Letty’s killer and avenge the death of his girlfriend in the hands of a Mexican drug smuggling syndicate. Man, he really got buffer.

Late last night I saw him in this movie with Ben Affleck and Giovanni Ribicci. They were all supposedly stock brokers. Vin Diesel was in a suit and was still not as buff as now. He looked cute in a suit.

Question: If Chuck Norris, Mr. T, and Vin Diesel got into a fight, who do you think would emerge victorious?

jordana brewsterLastly we have Jordana Brewster? She just got old. She came back to play Mia Toretto, Dom’s sister. What did she do in the movie, showed a bit of cleavage, phoned to tell Vin Diesel’s character that his girlfriend’s dead, and clean up a wound. Aside from that, nothing.

I say they could’ve done away with Jordana’s character. It didn’t count for much anyway. Aside from that, I guess it tied the entire Fast and the Furious series for me.

I dunno, maybe that’s just me. Have you seen the movie? What do you think of it?

April 2, 2009

Let’s Talk Comics: Pinoy Becomes a Part of the Drowtales Team

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I’ve been following this webcomic called Drowtales for quite a while now. I’m loving the characters and the different twists of the story. But what I like about it is the art.

Now I’m no art expert, but I think I have a good enough eye to spot good images. And I definitely think Drowtales has a really great set of artists.

But their update today really brought a smile to my face. A pinoy is joining their team as a background painter. I’m just hoping he won’t fail. For his sake, if not for the readers. Drowtales has a pretty big following in different countries so it would be good exposure for him.

Don’t believe me, check this out:

March 27, 2009

Let’s Talk Movies: Where the Wild Things Are

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So here I was getting my daily fix of webcomics when I passed by Joe Dunn’s site (do check the Outside the Theater portion). He talked about this up coming film Where the Wild Things Are. He had a link pointing to the movie’s trailer, decided to follow it and watched the trailer.

I’d have to admit that it got me excited. The movie’s title, if you don’t have an idea about the the Maurice Sendak book, would make you think that it’s an adult-ish suspense thriller. But yeah, it’s based on a children’s book. So expect a lot of adventure and excitement.

To give you guys a sneak peek of the movie, here’s the trailer I got from YouTube. Seriously, I am having difficulties posting the HD trailer from Trailer Addict. Tsk.

To have a taste of the children’s book, here’s a YouTube video of a narrated cartoon version:

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